Highly creative iPad apps

Everyone wants an iPad; anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Even those who deny the potential of an iPad due to its “mainstream” status are secretly jealous or just permanently grumpy people. The only reason anyone wouldn’t buy a new iPad or other tablet is money. It may be a very fun toy, but playing iPad games isn’t exactly worth the expense.

Which is why we’re here to tell you how to use an iPad for business.

We’ve looked at incredible upgrades for your iPad before, but the thing about an incredibly popular and adaptable gadget is that people keep making iPad apps, adaptations and other items. Its almost like there’s an army of volunteer designers out there constantly building new ways for mobile tablets to be fantastic.

In which case, Apple deserves credit for fostering such a thriving community of developers and innovators.

1. Simplenote

EverNote is an incredibly famous note-taking app, and one we’ve recommended before, but modern technology is all about alternatives and Simplenote is the most simplest, sharpest and most intelligent we’ve ever  seen.



As the name suggests, Simplenote dumps the vast majority of media content to concentrate on taking text notes and taking them very, very well. The website, app and various desktop clients instantly and easily sync across any platform (because even the biggest file takes up less memory than the average banner graphic.) This is the iPad app for people who truly get things done, make plans, issue instructions, or otherwise spend more time writing real content instead of formatting it with bold underlined italics in 24 pt fonts.

Did we mention it’s free? We should mention it’s free. And, as one of the best iPad apps we’ve ever seen (and an absolutely essential addition for anyone using productivity strategies like Remember The Milk), free is amazing.

2. Connect A Keyboard

Gadgets are the embodiment of both form and function, with one defining the other. The iPad is obviously a browser’s dream, with the simplistic touch-screen interface allowing you to choose from the options provided. But what happens when you want to type yourself? You can buy an official Apple keydock, or simply wire in an existing bluetooth keyboard.

Connect a Keyboard with Lifehacker

Connect a Keyboard with Lifehacker

Lifehacker offer easy instructions for syncing an existing keyboard with your iPad — and turning it into the mobile workstation it should have been.

3. Laser Keyboard

If you do want to pay for a keyboard, pay for the coolest. (Not just coolest keyboard — this may bet he coolest iPad accessory of all time.)

Wireless Laser Keyboard

Wireless Laser Keyboard

The laser keyboard works with iPad and iPhone, projecting a grid of laser lines and then detecting which key you press. The lack of tactile response mean it won’t work for anyone writing a novel, but if you have to type a quick note in the coffeeshop and gosh-darn-it have to impress the hell out of everyone in the room, this is your toy. Plus, it’s a wireless silver cube projecting lasers. This is the future, and you get to play with it!

4. Dropbox

Every list of top iPad applications includes Dropbox, and that’s not just popularity — you’re actually disqualified from talking about technology if you don’t recommend this as one of the most useful apps for business users.



Dropbox eliminates USB keys, cables, e-mails (and dealing with their incredibly annoying size limits), as well as giving you an excuse to carry your iPad everywhere for work. Dropbox gives you access to simple shared online folders, giving everyone easy access to files for work and play.

5. Air Display

We’ve looked at the productivity advantages of two monitors before, which is why we love Air Display.


Air Display

Air Display turns your iPad into an easy access (and extremely portable) second monitor for your desktop mac. As well as doubling your workspace, allowing you to keep what you’re working on and the reference materials in sight, or just separating work from play, it’s also financial genius. Because it justifies your iPad purchase by letting you subtract the cost of a second monitor! The only way you could better adapt your iPad for business is by giving it to Warren Buffet.

Image credit: DNY59 / iStockphoto