ChocolateM&Ms, gumdrops, lollipops, rock candy, jelly beans, sour bears, Hershey’s Kisses, and white chocolate dipped pretzels — thanks to the Internet, you can now enjoy all these various sweets without ever having to leave your sofa. But just when you thought life couldn’t get any easier, Smartlife is here to say it can — we went ahead and compiled a list of 40+ places where you can buy all these items and more (trust us, lots more) online. While it may seem ironic to you that a blog called “Smartlife” is facilitating tooth decay and weight gain worldwide, there’s nothing wrong in our opinion with enjoying life’s little pleasures every once in a while as long you do so in moderation. Enjoy. — Specializes in chocolates, and holds a monthly drawing whereby you can win free chocolate. — Candy and chocolate wholesaler offering bubble gum, bulk jelly beans, caramel candy, and other sweets. Orders require a $20 minimum and are shipped via FedEx or UPS throughout the U.S. Vendor doesn’t guarantee delivery of damage-free items such as melted chocolates, which may occur during the summer months. — Offers over 5,000 items online — candy, gum, mints, peanuts, and more. Ships anywhere in the U.S or Canada via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS. Doesn’t accept candy refunds unless items are damaged in transit. Also offers dog and cat treats for shipment in the U.S. — Delivers chocolate assortments, chocolate dipped fruit, novelty chocolates, pastries, gift baskets, wedding favors, and more to 20+ countries worldwide, including the U.S. — Sells a variety of candies for delivery to your home — mixed candy, gummy bears (by the pound), sour power candy (e.g., sour bears), licorice/swedish fish, lollipops/fruit sours, rock candy, fruit slices, gum & gumballs, sugar free candies, and more. Minimum order is $15 and all orders are shipped with ice packs to ensure candies melt in your mouth, not on the UPS truck. — Carries over 900 kinds of candies and snacks online. Deliveries are made to the U.S., Canada, and international locations via UPS and USPS. Discounts are available for all orders over $35. — Sells over 1,800 different candy items, including retro candy, bulk candy, holiday candy, candy bouquets, and more. Allows you to mix and match 3 pounds of assorted candy or 20 individual candies in a large tin box. Doesn’t offer refunds for melted candy. — Provides selection of chocolate, mints, and bulk candy at wholesale prices. A minimum order of $20 is required. — Serving candy lovers since 1927, this online store offers over 2,800 varieties of candy. Delivery is “free.” — Delivers bulk candy, retro candy, themed candy, specialty treats, and popular brands. — Rotting teeth since 1886, this candy maker offers a uniquely-flavored cherry candy bar, among other sugar-potent goodies. — Specializes in Belgian chocolate. Minimum order is $18. — Specializes in gourmet chocolate, offering “damn good” cookies, “ugly” truffles, and other chocolates. — Delivers variety of handmade, artistic, gourmet chocolates. — Eighty-five years old and counting, this Chicago-based candy retailer offers a variety of fine chocolates online. — Delivers bulk candy, candy bars, candy bouquets, fancy chocolates, mini candies, movie candy, novelty candies, specialty candies, and candies for Christmas and Halloween. — Well-known brand offering an assortment of truffles, fancy chocolates, special chocolate collections, and gift baskets online. Volume discounts are available. — Sweets for holidays, weddings, and other special occasions. Specializes in retro/nostalgic candy, sugar-free choices, and special collections. Ships internationally. — Located in Helen, Georgia, this store offers the “best plain chocolate fudge anywhere.” — Historic chocolate brand offers holiday gift baskets, special kisses messages, personalized gifts, and chocolate fresh from the factory. Charges a “warm weather” fee to prevent your chocolate from melting during hotter seasons. — Choose from chocolates, retro treats, chewy candies, lollipops, and novelty/retro/holiday candies. Gourmet and bulk candies are also available. — Delivers jumbo-sized novelty candies and normal-sized candies in massive quantities, including lollipops, large chocolate bars, Hershey’s Kisses, and more. Also sells energy drinks, gift mugs and baskets, and natural snacks. — Offers fresh, all-natural chocolates in normal and gourmet styles from Vermont. — Makes feminine and nostalgic chocolates and confections. Select from hot chocolate to boxed chocolate to teas and coffees and more. Operates two stylish cacao bars in NYC. — This Austin-based bakery delivers all-natural chocolate products, including gluten-free options, throughout the U.S. — Gives you a choice of 22 different M&M colors (not just the original ones) and allows you to customize them with pictures and words. You can also shop for your favorite MLB logo clad M&Ms, M&M party favors, and M&M pink and white blends, the proceeds of which benefit breast cancer research. — Ships Belgian chocolates and liqueur internationally. Duties placed on all orders placed outside of the European Union. — New Orleans family-owned candy shop offers pralines and gift baskets. — Chocolates, truffles, exclusive gifts, cookbooks, kosher treats, and posh signature products. Also offers special confectionery items that can be picked up in-store or delivered locally to residents of Manhattan. — Offers boxed chocolates, nuts & snacks, and sweets for parties and weddings. — Shop for gourmet French chocolates by occasion, flavor, or collection; create your own ballotin with a chocolate bearing your inscribed message. Charges an extra $5 fee for ice-packing to prevent your shipment from melting. — Offers variety of preservative-free, no-sugar-added truffles, chocolate art, chocolate towers, and chocolate bars. — Sells classically-known Russell Stover, Whitman’s, and Pangburn’s chocolates as well as jellies and hard candies. Gift cards for friends and family are available. — Manufactures kosher, handmade, European-style chocolates. — Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, this site offers chocolates, cookies, candies, teas, coffees, spa gifts, cheeses, gourmet groceries, wines, nuts, and more. Gift cards are available. — Primarily a bulk candy store, this candy provider sells several different name-brand hard and chewy candies, including Pez, Wonka, Jelly Belly, Haribo, and others. — Specializes in novelty popcorn served in candy tins, baskets, towers, and other creative packaging such as crossword puzzles. — Chicago-made truffles, candy bars, gourmet chocolates and “comfort” foods, gift boxes, and wedding/party favors; offers a loyalty program for frequent buyers that can ultimately lead to a culinary-themed trip to Paris! — Chocolates, chocolate bars, gift baskets, and specialty foods from Guittard, Camille Bloch, Dagoba, Sharffen, and other chocolatiers from across the globe. — Offers personalized Hershey’s candy bar wrappers for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. You can even customize chocolate bars with your company’s logo.

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