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Financial decisions can be the most difficult to make. A wrong move can have major consequences for you and your family. That makes it crucial to get as much information about finances as possible. Over the past several years, online communities have proven to be a valuable resource: you can crowdsource important parts of your finances, using other people who have more knowledge or skills to help you decide on a next step and carry it out.

These sites provide a variety of tools, communities and help with your finances.

Personal Finance

Mint.com’s Find Savings: Looking for places to tighten the belt? Mint.com offers help finding opportunities, as well as a budgeting web application.

Wesabe Community: Wesabe makes the entire process of getting your finances in order a group project, providing support and help.

Dave Ramsey’s Online Community: Need help implementing Ramsey’s advice in real life? He’s created an online community you can refer to for specific advice.

The Simple Dollar’s Reader Mailbag: The Simple Dollar has grown from a personal finance blog to the point that, every week, Trent Hamm posts readers’ emails and opens the floor up for advice from the community.

Wisebread: In addition to posting personal finance news and advice, Wisebread offers a forum where readers can support each other in improving their personal finances.

Coupon Tweet: Find coupons in real time through Twitter by using Coupon Tweet.

Smarty Pig: You can ask family and friends for support with your savings goals with SmartyPig.

Retail Me Not: Why search for coupons when you can just check if a code has been listed on Retail Me Not?

LearnVest: LearnVest offers personal finance tools specialized for women looking for resources.

Voyant: Not only does Voyant ive you the tools to set your personal finance goals, it also gives you access to a community ready to help with it.

eRollover: You can find help with retirement planning through eRollover, both from professionals and from the community.


The Motely Fool CAPS Community: You can identify the best stocks, along with the right time to buy them, with the help of the CAPS community.

Prosper: You can both borrow and lend money directly through Prosper’s peer-to-peer lending service.

Morningstar Forums: In addition to providing financial news on its main site, Morningstar offers investors a forum to discuss and pick different investments.

Predict Wall Street: Tap the knowledge of an entire community of investors at Predict Wall Street.

StockPickr: Need more information before you pick your stocks? Stockpickr gives you access to both experts and forums where you can research your picks.

Social Picks: You can track the performance of investors on SocialPick and use that information to evaluate their advice.

Covestor: Share your portfolio and get tips and help with it from other investors with Covestor.

StockTwits: Find out what real investors are thinking in real time through StockTwits.

Kiva: You can lend money ton entrepreneurs all over the world through Kiva.

MarketWatch Community: Find which stocks are hot with your fellow investors through the MarketWatch Community.

Google Finance: In addition to standard investment tools, Google makes trend information available to investors on search volume that can affect your investments.


National Foundation for Credit Counseling: The NFCC’s Facebook page offers an opportunity to share information and learn more about credit counseling.

Credit.com: Got questions about credit? Credit.com offers the opportunity to get them answered.

BankingMyWay: Compare rates from all over the country through BankingMyWay.

SmartHippo: At SmartHippo, you can crowdsource help with finding a mortgage.


Profounder: If you’re looking to raise money to fund your business, Profunder lets you crowdsource fund raising.

Outright Community: Got a question about operating your business? The Outright Community includes experts who can answer any question you submit.

Open Forum: Ask business questions, connect with other business owners and get advice at Open Forum.

PieFinance: Use PieFinance to take an idea from concept to business.

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