Autumn leaves

As summer nears an end and fall approaches, the change in seasons introduces a number of pesky to-dos. Thankfully, many of these items can be outsourced, freeing up more time to enjoy the autumn leaves — or whatever it is that you do.

  1. Winterize your home: Many handyman services offer a package deal where they come to your home and get it ready for cold weather.
  2. Drain unused pipes and hoses: During the winter you won’t be watering your lawn, so having a landscaping service drain hoses and put them away or empty out your sprinkler system for the winter is a must.
  3. Update your winter wardrobe: Some style consultants have started offering services where they help you switch out your summer and winter wardrobes and update it where necessary.
  4. Change out your tires: If you live in an area that requires snow tires, your mechanic will likely be able to swap out your tires.
  5. Rake the yard: Most landscaping services can get your leaves up and gone.
  6. Clean up from the summer: Summer  gear can take special storage, whether you’ve got a boat or something much smaller. Depending on what you have, a handyman, a pool maintenance company or a mechanic can get everything put away properly so it runs next spring.
  7. Plan for next spring’s yard: If you sit down with a landscaping service this fall, they can handle tasks like mulching leaves that will make the spring much easier to manage.
  8. Add an emergency kit to your car: You can pick up winter emergency kits for your car without assembling it yourself.
  9. Clean ducts: Vacuuming your ducts is a fall cleaning project recommended by most maintenance services — it can make your furnace run much better.
  10. Seal your driveway: Sudden freezes can leave cracks in your driveway. Having a handyman seal your driveway can prevent those cracks.
  11. Check your furnace: The time to make sure your furnace is in good shape is before you actually need it. Have an HVAC team give your furnace a once over in the fall and you’ll be ready for winter.
  12. Clean your gutters: Most landscaping companies will clean out your gutters and fall is an ideal time to check them out.
  13. Add weather-stripping: Sealing your house against winter weather can reduce your heating bill — and any handyman service can handle the work.
  14. Stock your pantry for the fall: Many CSAs offer fresh produce well into the fall. While you might not have time to can some of that produce, you can easily store certain items for the winter.
  15. Build a root cellar: Few handyman services have this item on their standard lists, but it’s a task most are willing to take on.
  16. Plan for the holidays: While you’ve still got some time, outsourcing your holiday projects in the fall can mean better service and lower rates.
  17. Buy school supplies: Most schools provide a back to school list that a personal shopper can complete with one stop.
  18. Get a back-to-school wardrobe: If you’ve got a child going back to school, having a personal shopper round up some new clothing for them makes sense.
  19. Enroll for the fall: If you’re considering a few classes yourself, a virtual assistant can handle the process of finding classes for you to choose between and getting you enrolled.
  20. Plan for your business’ winter promotions: If your business has a winter marketing campaign, bringing in a marketing consultant now means that you won’t be rushed when the holidays get close.
  21. Plan for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: If you’re observing the Jewish High Holidays, you can outsource dinner and other organizational details so you can focus on the holiday and your family.
  22. Get Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur covered: If someone will be out of your office for several days in September, you can have a temp agency cover that absence.
  23. Handle office maintenance: Preparing your office building for winter weather can be as easy as bringing in a maintenance company.
  24. Conduct an energy audit: Fall is a good time to have someone audit your company’s energy use and tell you if you can save money.
  25. Audit your business: It’s better to know about potential problems before you have to start thinking about closing the books for the year and handling taxes. Bringing in an accountant to audit your business can give you a head start.

Image credit: konradlew / iStockphoto