Child throwing tantrum

When you have children, one of the most important things you can do is spend time with them. Using your outsourcing skills to get projects off the table so that you can do just that simply makes sense. One of the best reasons to eliminate the time-consuming tasks that wind up on your plate is family, after all.

  1. Choose a daycare: Sites such as Childcare Ratingz provide reviews and recommendations to narrow down your choices for a daycare.
  2. Check references for a daycare: Make sure that the people you’re trusting your children to are reputable by having a virtual assistant check their references.
  3. Track nursing: Mobile applications, such as iNeedMilk for the iPhone, help you make sure that your baby is getting enough milk.
  4. Get rid of diapers: If you’re interested in using cloth diapers for your babies, using a diaper service makes the process simple.
  5. Buy diapers and other necessities: and other online shopping tools can help you set up recurring purchases for those necessities you and your child need.
  6. Find a babysitter: Services like Sitters help you find good babysitters in your area.
  7. Childproof the house: There are dedicated childproofing companies in many cities, as well as handymen who offer childproofing services.
  8. Get a tutor: With an older child, working on homework can become a long drawn out affair, especially if you aren’t up to speed on the material anymore. A tutor can speed up the process.
  9. Plan a party: As your child gets older, you’ll have graduations, bar mitzvahs, quienceneras or other parties throw. You can hand the process off to a party planner.
  10. Buy gifts: After a few friends’ birthday parties, managing buying gifts for each party your child goes to can turn into a process. A personal shopping service can pick out a whole stack of gifts, so you just have to grab one and go.
  11. Find a bathroom: Being able to quickly find bathrooms is crucial with a kid. Using a site or mobile application like SitOrSquat can make the process much easier.
  12. Decorate a bedroom: There are interior decorators who will take special care in creating a room your child will love.
  13. Track allowances: You can help your child manage his or her allowance through online tools like Zefty.
  14. Do the laundry: While many laundry services will take children’s clothing, au pairs and housekeepers will also typically handle laundry.
  15. Avoid allergens: Between allergies and picky eaters, some kids wind up eating nothing but hot dogs. A nutritionist can help you find alternative meals.
  16. Monitor your child’s phone: If cell phone usage is a concern, you can monitor it with a tool like My Mobile Watchdog.
  17. Monitor internet usage: There are plenty of educational sites out there that your child can use safely. It’s just a matter of reducing access to other sites with software like Visikid.
  18. Buy clothes: A personal shopper can keep your child stocked with the right size of clothes, even through constant growth spurts.
  19. Build a tree house: Services like Tree Top Builders can build your child the perfect tree house.
  20. Cooking meals: Good nutrition is important to a growing child and if cooking isn’t something you have time for, bringing in a service that will cook a few meals a week is better than going for fast food by a long shot.
  21. Home school: If you have a preference for homeschooling your child, there are both programs that offer full curriculum planning for you as well as private tutors that handle the details of homeschooling.
  22. Teach skills: There are professionals willing to teach your child everything from riding a bike and up.
  23. Apply to private schools: For children who will be attending a private school, many college application consultants now provide help with private school admissions earlier in life.
  24. Train for sports: If your child is interested in learning a sport, there are trainers and coaches willing to do everything from teach the basics of baseball to train an Olympic level athlete.
  25. Discipline: In the event that discipline is a problem, there are specialized therapists who deal with such concerns. Such therapists are typically behavioral specialists.

Image credit: lisas212 / iStockphoto