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In the past, you could market a new company by printing out a few business cards and passing the word that you were open for business. But as more startups rely on the Internet for marketing, the steps necessary to promote a company have evolved into a more complex effort. For each step of a product’s life cycle, there are corresponding steps you can take in your Internet marketing efforts to ensure the demand for your company grows.

As you introduce a new company or product, you’ll need to take steps to brand yourself online, as well as launch your product and build awareness. In the growth stage of your product’s life cycle, you can begin to target a wider audience, through search engine traffic, content marketing and other techniques. The third stage of a product’s life cycle is maturity: during that time, you’ve got opportunities to build affiliate revenues and plan for the lesser demand as your product ages. Finally, you have the opportunity to build on a declining product for new versions and plan for new products, using an existing email list and other resources you’ve built. If you’re successful with your online marketing efforts, you can quickly build a system to market your products and earn money for years to come — without all the effort that goes with building

Each of those steps includes more than a little work, however. You can learn the steps necessary to successfully market a product or company online — but each individual step, from SEO to email marketing, can be a full career on its own. A better alternative is to focus on offering great products and growing your company. You can work with an Internet marketing consultant to plan and implement a marketing effort, without taking hours away from actually running your startup.

  1. Ginkgo Consulting
    Areas of Expertise: Email lists, social media marketing, web and blog development, SEO, link building, consulting
    Sample Clients: Tina Zawisza, Diana Metz
  2. The Happy Guy
    Areas of Expertise: SEO, article marketing, press releases, web development, ghost writing
    Sample Clients: Online Degree Reviews, Dotcom-Monitor Web Site and Network Monitoring
  3. Chelpixie
    Areas of Expertise: Social media marketing, blog development, email marketing, media relations
    Sample Clients: White Noise, Loud Silence
  4. The Cyphers Agency — Push-n-Pull
    Areas of Expertise: Online advertising, word of mouth, link building, SEO, content, social media
    Sample Clients: Appalachian Spring, The Mother of Invention
  5. Quite Smart Marketing
    Areas of Expertise: Affiliate marketing, online advertising, SEO, social media marketing
    Sample Clients: ClickIM College
  6. Harte Marketing & Communications
    Areas of Expertise: Social media marketing, product launches, brand management, SEO, content
  7. Blue Sky Factory
    Areas of Expertise: Email marketing
    Sample Clients: Johns Hopkins University, 1st Mariner Bank
  8. Pistachio Consulting
    Areas of Expertise: Social media marketing
    Sample Clients: Socialtext, Cubetree
  9. Z Squared Media
    Areas of Expertise: Content marketing
  10. Eat Media
    Areas of Expertise: Content marketing, social media marketing
    Sample Clients:, Burger King
  11. Awareness Social Media Marketing
    Areas of Expertise: Social media marketing
    Sample Clients: Kodak
  12. Word Sell
    Areas of Expertise: Content marketing, blog development SEO
    Sample Clients: Salazar Packaging, Whoast
  13. Social Media Rockstar
    Areas of Expertise: Social media marketing, SEO
  14. Chris Garrett
    Areas of Expertise: Blog development, social media marketing, content marketing, link building, web development, SEO, community building
  15. Abraham & Harrison
    Areas of Expertise: Social media marketing, content marking, blogger outreach, viral marketing, community development, SEO
    Sample Clients: The Fresh Air Fund, Survivor Corps
  16. PMG Premium Marketing and Creative Services
    Areas of Expertise: SEO, affiliate management, social media marketing
    Sample Clients: Flip Video, Friendsation
  17. DMC Affiliate Consulting
    Areas of Expertise: Affiliate management
  18. Elena Melendy
    Areas of Expertise: Content strategy
    Sample Clients: LG Electronics, IBM
  19. One By One Media
    Areas of Expertise: Social media marketing, online branding, blog development, community development
  20. Tectonic Marketing
    Ares of Expertise: Content marketing, social media marketing

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