Cartoon of a mouse by Jeff Morin

To give a naturally personable and approachable feel to your marketing efforts, it can be valuable to make use of cartoons and cartoon-like visuals. This can be very effective both online and offline, making good use of humor and caricacture to lighten the mood. However, most people are not very skilled in this style of illustration.

Thankfully, just as there are freelance writers who specialize in different types of written content, there are artists who are cartooning experts. They can be great for the creation of mascots, single-frame comics, and so much more. Here is a selection of 20 such freelance cartoonists that can accept your outsourced design projects.

1. Jeff Morin
Website: Jeff Morin Art
Specialties: Humor, cartoony comics, vector art
Samples: Portfolio

2. Geoff Olson
Website: Geoff Olsen Words and Pictures
Specialties: Political commentary, social commentary
Samples: Portfolio

3. George Coghill
Website: George Coghill Illustrator
Specialties: Bold cartoons, mascot design, commercial illustration
Samples: Portfolio

4. Kevin Duffy
Website: Kevin Duffy’s Cartoons
Specialties: Public relations, advertising, newsletters
Samples: Portfolio

5. Joel Watson
Website: HijiNKS Ensue
Specialties: Full color cartoon-style illustration
Samples: Portfolio

6. Denis Blandford
Website: Denis Blandford
Specialties: Portraits, business cartoons, satire, caricature
Samples: Portfolio

7. Kev Brockschmidt
Website: Kev’s Cartoons
Specialties: Science fiction, comic strips, religion, humor
Samples: Portfolio

8. Dan Gibson
Website: Daily Cartoons
Specialties: Caricature, humor, boldly colored cartoons
Samples: Portfolio

9. Kenny Velez
Website: Kenny Velez
Specialties: Comics, illustrations, storyboards, detailed realism
Samples: Portfolio

10. Kevin LeBlanc
Website: Ink Monkey Sweatshop
Specialties: Comic strips, humor, murals, logos, animals
Samples: Portfolio

11. D.J. Coffman
Website: Will Draw Anything
Specialties: Caricatures, greeting card art, spot illustrations, avatars
Samples: Portfolio

12. Jamie Sale
Website: Jamie Sale – Cartoonist
Specialties: Character design, comic strip art, general custom cartoons, modern style
Samples: Portfolio

13. Starline Hodge
Website: Candi Comics
Specialties: Comic strips, simple drawings
Samples: Portfolio

14. Sergio Ordóñez
Website: SOS Factory
Specialties: Logo design, mascot design, comic characters
Samples: Portfolio

15. Richard Deverell
Website: Richard Deverell
Specialties: Greeting cards, children’s books, politics, humor
Samples: Portfolio

16. Jim Huber
Website: Jim Huber
Specialties: Editorial cartoons, humor, political cartoons
Samples: Portfolio

17. Dan Danglo
Website: Dan D Toons
Specialties: Character design, gag cartoons, comic book penciling
Samples: Portfolio

18. Lee Healey
Website: Freelance Cartoonist
Specialties: Comic strips, caricature, funny characters
Samples: Portfolio

19. Jerry Emerson
Website: Emerson Art
Specialties: Caricature, magazine cartoons, gag cartoons, character creation
Samples: Portfolio

20. Vicky Liu
Specialties: Stick figures, comic art, comic strips
Samples: Portfolio

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