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Taking your finances to the web can make them easier to manage: not only can you access information from wherever you happen to be, but you can gain access to many features not even available in desktop software. Many online tools offer you ways to integrate all of your financial information, even pulling it in from other financial-related websites such as your institutional bank and investment broker. So we’ve compiled a list of over 100 sites where you can manage your finances online. Who knows, one of these sites might just help you maximize your overall financial wealth. Did we miss any?

  1. Mint: One of the best known financial management tools online, Mint offers you a long list of different tools to manage your money, budget, and even analyze your spending.
  2. PayScale: Learn about your income and how your salary stacks up against other people in similar jobs with PayScale.
  3. Rudder: Manage your personal finances through your email with Rudder, rather than having to visit a separate site every time you need to check your finances.
  4. LendingTree: Compare mortgages and other loans to find the best deal among different lenders on LendingTree.
  5. Zecco: Trade stocks online, as well as other investments, at Zecco.
  6. MoneyRight: Organize your finances and get specialized advice based on your current financial situation on MoneyRight.
  7. Tip’d: Get information about a variety of personal finance topics, sorted for the best advice by the community at Tip’d.
  8. SaneBull: Follow investment news in real-time with SaneBull’s platform of tools.
  9. WageExchange: Anonymously share information about salary and benefits for specific jobs at WageExchange so that you can be sure that you’re making what you should be.
  10. Duedee: Research stocks and other investments through the community available at Duedee.
  11. Wesabe: Manage your finances with the support of the community at Wesabe, who can give you support and advice.
  12. BillQ: Keep track of your bills in a central location with BillQ, with tools like automatic reminders and analysis.
  13. Stocpickr: Find advice about picking investments and building portfolios at Stockpickr’s website.
  14. Mvelopes: Minimize the work it takes to manage your personal finances with Mvelopes.
  15. SpicyDigits: Share expenses in a way that you and your friends can handle with SpicyDigits.
  16. Google Finance: Track your portfolio, as well as individual stocks, at Google Finance.
  17. Billster: Organize both personal and shared expenses in one place at Billster, including reoccurring expenses.
  18. Foonanace: Log your expenses and income with Foonance so that you can see at a glance where your money is headed.
  19. Billhighway: In a group? Billhighway can help you manage your group’s finances quickly and easily.
  20. Yahoo! Finance: See regular updates on stock prices and get news that will affect your investing decisions at Yahoo! Finance.
  21. PearBudget: Simplify your personal finances with PearBudget, especially if you’re new to budgeting or just can’t seem to get your finances under control.
  22. Zillow: If you’re planning to buy or sell a house, Zillow can give a good idea of options in your area.
  23. Ioweyou: Calculate shared expenses for roommates or other groups of people with Ioweyou.
  24. NetWorthIQ: Give your personal finances a checkup and improve your financial health with NetWorthIQ.
  25. Dimewise: Safely manage your finances in a simplified format with Dimewise.
  26. Redfin: Learn about buying or selling a house in your area and find an agent to help you with the process with Redfin.
  27. Cyclr: Keep track of small expenses and reduce your obligations with Cyclr.
  28. BudgetPulse: Plan your personal finances and adjust those plans on a month-to-month basis with BudgetPulse.
  29. Fuelly: Reduce the amount of money you spend on gar by tracking your mileage with Fuelly.
  30. BudgetTracker: In addition to keeping track of your other finances, you can even track PayPal with BudgetTracker.
  31. Buxfer: Automatically manage expenses and monitor the activity in your accounts with Buxfer.
  32. PageOnce: Manage all your different accounts on different sites like Amazon or your cell phone provider’s with PageOnce.
  33. BillShrink: Find opportunities to save money on expenses like your cell phone plan or credit card with BillShrink.
  34. RepairPal: Keep track of estimates for auto repair as well as details like how often you need to perform maintenance on your car with RepairPal.
  35. Geezeo: Share details of of your personal finances in order to get support and help from the community with Geezeo.
  36. CreditKarma: Access your credit score and get advice on how to improve it with CreditKarma.
  37. Thrive: Get financial advice specifically targeted to people in their twenties and thirties on Thrive.
  38. MyMileMarker: Track your car’s mileage and gas use with MyMileMarker to save money.
  39. Homethinking: Learn more about real estate agents and mortgage lenders on Homethinking as you look for or sell a house.
  40. Spendji: Plan activities and manage the expenses that go along with them with Spendji.
  41. Expensure: Pay back expenses, as well as plan how to split expenses, with Expensure.
  42. BillShare: If you split bills with a roommate or with someone else, BillShare can simplify the process.
  43. Zopa: Get and make loans directly through Zopa.
  44. Gastus: Control your expenses with Gastus by being able to tell at a glance how much you’ve spent.
  45. ExpenseView: Automatically analyze your expenses by plugging them into ExpenseView.
  46. BudgetEdge: Take a pay-check driven approach to managing your money with BudgetEdge.
  47. Prosper: Loan money out, as well as borrow money, through Prosper.
  48. Plan2Spend: Manage your budget with future financial goals in mind with Plan2Spend.
  49. Zefty: Make teaching kids about money management and giving them their allowances easier with Zefty.
  50. Shoeboxed: Organize your receipts online with Shoeboxed’s tools. You can even send in paper receipts.
  51. Money2Manage: Balance your books quickly with Money2Manage’s personal finance tools.
  52. IndyBudget: Budget to manage your finances today and forecast to manage them tomorrow with IndyBudget.
  53. Kiva: Offer microloans as a way to invest your money on Kiva.
  54. ElectricCheckbook: Bring all the information from your financial accounts together in one place with ElectricCheckbook.
  55. ClearCheckbook: Balance your virtual checkbook quickly with the tools offered by ClearCheckbook.
  56. MedBillManager: Managing medical bills can be extremely difficult, but MedBillManager offers a central location to handle those bills.
  57. Iron Money: Securely track the money in each of your accounts and analyze it with Iron Money.
  58. GreenSherpa: Predict your future financial state with GreenSherpa’s forecasting tools.
  59. Yodlee: The basis of the software that runs Mint, Yodlee offers an alternative with similar features for online banking.
  60. PocketSmith: Get a good idea of where your money will be in the future with PocketSmith.
  61. TaxAct: File your taxes online with TaxAct, using your personal finance information to find deductions.
  62. Expensology: If security is a concern and you don’t want to connect your money management application to your bank accounts, Expensology offers a manual alternative.
  63. MoneyStrands: Connect with MoneyStrands users with similar goals and traits, on top of managing your money.
  64. Wikinvest: Find the information you need to make decisions about your investments on Wikinvest.
  65. Xpenser: Track your expenses by submitting them to Xpenser in any way that is convenient, from text messages to going online.
  66. Kapitall: Make investments from Kapitall’s dashboard, which allows you track a variety of relevant information.
  67. BillMonk: Stop worry about financial obligations to friends with BillMonk — the site will take care of remembering those expenses for you.
  68. FuelStart: Keep an eye on the energy it takes to heat your home and find alternatives that can drop your costs on FuelStart.
  69. MoneyTrackin‘: Make sure ends always meet with the tools MoneyTrackin’ offers.
  70. EFinPlan: Use EFinPlan to create a comprehensive financial plan without having to visit a financial planner.
  71. QuickenOnline: Intuit has long been a sources of good desktop software for money management, but with QuickenOnline, the company’s tools are available online.
  72. Billeo: Get assistance with the different tasks that are necessary to keep your finances under control.
  73. TurboTax: Take care of your taxes online without having to do lots of extra paperwork with TurboTaxes.
  74. IExpenseOnline: Identify poor financial habits and eliminate them with IExpenseOnline.
  75. NeoBudget: With NeoBudget, you can use the envelope method to help you control spending habits and stick to your budget.
  76. MotleyFoolCAPS: Research investment options and get the inforamtion necessary to make the best decisions for your finances with MotleyFoolCAPS.
  77. Pulse: Useful whether you’re tracking personal finances or you have a small business, Pulse’s adaptability is ideal.
  78. Xero: Simplify accounting with Xero’s wide variety of tracking and analysis tools.
  79. ERollover: Plan for your retirement and manage all of your retirement accounts in one place with ERollover.
  80. BillsAreIn: Process your bills with BillsAreIn and make sure that your roommates pay their fair share.
  81. Scred: Track money for groups, partnerships, and even traveling with Scred.
  82. CakeFinancial: Take control of your investments with CakeFinancial and take advantage of its free assessment to make sure you’re on track.
  83. TextHog: Keep track of your expenses in real time by texting and emailing information to TextHog.
  84. VaultStreet: Secure copies of your financial documents on VaultStreet and go paperless.
  85. iTaggit: Catalog your assets and possessions with iTaggit, for purposes ranging from valuation to insurance.
  86. Voyant: Skip the financial planners and plan for your future yourself with Voyant.
  87. LearnVest: Learn the ins and outs of personal finance with LearnVest.
  88. YourPolicyManager: Bring your insurance policies together in one place with YourPolicyManager and eliminate problems like forgetting to renew.
  89. FreyerMartin: Too busy to pay bills? Set up an account and FreyerMartin will take care of all the details.
  90. KnowBeforeYouApply: Make sure that you’ll be applying for the right loans and other financial products before you even start filling out paperwork with KnowBeforeYouApply.
  91. ManageMe7: Handle your finances even if you don’t have a stable income with ManageMe7,
  92. MoneyDashboard: Gather your financial information in one place and get it organized with MoneyDashboard.
  93. TickerHound: Get answers to your questions about finance and investing with TickerHound.
  94. FreeAgentCentral: If you earn money in other ways than working for one employer, FreeAgentCentral offers an accounting tool meant just for you.
  95. Kublax: With Kublax, you can sync all of your accounts in one place, from credit cards to savings accounts.
  96. LoveMoney: Meet people who can help you with financial questions, as well as manage your money on LoveMoney.
  97. eToro: Take investment trading to the next level with eToro.
  98. WalletProof: Start budgeting immediately with WalletProof’s money management tools.
  99. ActiveAllowance: Manage kids’ allowances while they learn about how to handle money on ActiveAllowance.
  100. Salary: Make sure you’re getting paid what you’re worth with Salary’s income tools.
  101. Daily information about sensible personal finance and related topics.

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