Typewriter with BlogAs a follow up to the first 50 freelance writers we listed whom you can outsource blog content to, we have another 50 — who were recommended by freelance writers themselves. Between these two lists, you can find a writer ready to blog on just about any topic you’ve been writing on yourself. These writers can help you provide quality content to the readers of your blog, and eliminate the worry and stress of having to keep up with a busy posting schedule on your own. If you aren’t quite sure where to start in hiring a freelance writer, the article “How To Hire Freelance Writers” can get you started.

51. Allena Tapia
Topics: Health, writing, parenting
Where She Writes: About Freelance Writing

52. Annette Fix
Topics: Parenting, writing
Where She Writes: WOW Women On Writing

53. Gina-Marie Cheeseman
Topics: Politics, environment
Where She Writes: Politics With a Purpose

54. Rebecca Laffar-Smith
Topics: Web design, web technology, parenting, family life, writing, editing, programming, business, freelancing, past life studies, mental illness/health
Where She Writes: Future Tarot, Past Life Studies, Simon’s Auctions

55. Celine Roque
Topics: Technology, personal finance, productivity
Where She Writes: Web Worker Daily, Vagablogging

56. Meryl Evans
Topics: Technology, games
Where She Writes: The Game Zen

57. Miranda Marquit
Topics: Technology, games
Where She Writes: Yielding Wealth, All Business

58. Jennifer Gniadecki
Topics: Parenting, networking
Where She Writes: Everyday Networker, Beyond Mom

59. Dustin Wax
Topics: Productivity, technology, education
Where He Writes: Lifehack, Writers Technology

60. Mary Lewis
Topics: Books, parenting
Where She Writes: Virtual Word Smith

61. J.T. Dabbagian
Topics: Technology

62. Rebecca Leaman
Topics: Technology, non-profits
Where She Writes: Wild Apricot

63. Julia Temlyn
Topics: Music, writing
Where She Writes: Musical Reviewer

64. Marijke Vroomen-Durning
Topics: Health, seniors, pregnancy, writing, dogs, quilting, nursing
Where She Writes: Seniors Support, Help My Hurt

65. Dan Romanchik
Topics: Technology, engineering, software development
Where He Writes: Auto Test News

66. Susan Johnston
Topics: Careers, writing, women’s lifestyle
Where She Writes: The Urban Muse, AOL’s Lemondrop, Freelance Switch

67. Lori Widmer
Topics: Risk management, commercial insurance, business, marketing, writing, vegetarian food

68. Michael Schultz
Topics: Comics, technology
Where He Writes: Comics As I See It

69. Cynthia Morris
Topics: Travel, development, creativity

70. Anu Karwa
Topics: Wine
Where She Writes: Tasting Table

71. Michele L. Tune
Topics: Health, writing, green living, inspiration, alternative medicine, natural beauty
Where She Writes: Healing With (Raw) Juices, Writing the Cyber Highway

72. Sara Aase
Topics: Money, family, health

73. Wendy Korn Heppt
Topics: Beauty, fashion, fitness, budgeting, health
Where She Writes: We TV, Mom Talk, Health.com

74. Mary Theobald
Topics: Healthcare, Kansas City, Des Moines
Where She Writes: Kansas City on the Cheap, Des Moines on the Cheap

75. Charmian Christie
Topics: Food, travel

76. Elizabeth King Humphrey
Topics: Parenting, family, real estate, retail
Where She Writes: Wilmaville, Coastal Carolina Moms

77. Debbie Koenig
Topics: Food, fitness, diet, parenting

78. Derek Walter
Topics: Mobile devices
Where He Writes: App Craver, Bright Hub

79. Cheryl Alkon
Topics: Diabetes, infertility, pregnancy, parenting
Where She Writes: Managing the Sweetness Within

80. Kerry Dexter
Topics: Music, the arts and humanities, the business of the arts, education, history, broadcasting, travel
Where She Writes: Music Road

81. Heather Kenny
Topics: Style, fashion, Chicago

82. Debbie Abrams Kaplan
Topics: Family, travel
Where She Writes: Frisco Kids

83. Claudine M. Jalajas
Topics: Family, travel
Where She Writes: Life As a Supermom, Skirt!Blog

84. Lisa Jaffe Hubbell
Topics: Health, the healthcare industry, food, nutrition

85. Sal Vilardo
Topics: Technology, self-help

86. Amy Lemen
Topics: Travel, home
Where She Writes: Austin Relocation Guide, Texas Real Estate

87. S. Kay Bell
Topics: Personal finance, taxes, NASCAR
Where She Writes: Bankrate

88. Michel Hudson
Topics: Non-profit fundraising

89. Julie Tereshchuk
Topics: Fine arts, travel, minority issues
Where She Writes: Austin Woman

90. Beth Goulart
Topics: Food, dogs
Where She Writes: Eating Out of the (Local) Box, Travels with Moxie

91. Liz Carmack
Topics: Travel, science, environment

92. Rachel Dickenson
Topics: Falconry, nature, poetry
Where She Writes: Falconry on the Edge, The Haiku Diaries

93. Julie Sturgeon
Topics: Travel

94. Rachel C. Weingarten
Topics: Fashion, marketing
Where She Writes: Rachel’s Blog, What Michelle Wore

95. Roxanne Hawn
Topics: Dogs, lifestyle, green living, wedding, relationships
Where She Writes: Champion of My Heart

96. Stephanie Stiavetti
Topics: Food
Where She Writes: Wasbimon

97. Jenny Cromie
Topics: Freelancing, writing, business, career
Where She Writes: The Golden Pencil

98. Elizabeth Kricfalusi
Topics: Travel, technology
Where She Writes: Embrace Adventure, Tech for Luddites

99. Karen Reddick
Topics: Parenting, writing
Where She Writes: Grammar Done Right

100. Joel Falconer
Topics: Productivity, new media, art & entertainment
Where He Writes: Lifehack, FreelanceSwitch

Image credit: JLGutierrez / iStockphoto