Hands Typing on LaptopBringing on another writer to help you keep your blog going is a practical way to outsource part of a project that you probably enjoy but just don’t have the time to really work on. There are many freelance writers willing to work on a variety of topics — it’s just a matter of finding a writer who writes on the topic your blog covers and whose writing you enjoy. To help get you started in finding a great blog writer, we’ve compiled a list of 50 freelancers for you. But we need to find 50 more to get the list to 100 in a follow-on post! Help out by letting us know of some other good freelance bloggers, what topics they blog about, and where they write. A quaint little prize awaits the person who can supply the most names (of actual freelance writers, not of random people from the phone book). (Prize will be administered February 28, 2009.)

1. Debra Lauman
Topics: Hiking, travel
Where She Writes: SARstories News, Deb’s Search and Rescue Stories

2. Nora Dunn
Topics: Travel, personal finance
Where She Writes: Wise Bread, WCities, Transitions Abroad

3. Mel Edwards
Topics: Education, training, business
Where She Writes: School Room to Board Room, BlogHer

4. Sharon Hurley Hall
Topics: Travel, technology, parenting, blogging
Where She Writes: CenturyTel, Daily Writing Tips, TechGerm.com, Park Ride Fly USA

5. John Peltier
Topics: Software

6. David Masters
Topics: Activism, personal development
Where He Writes: Non Toxin

7. Craig Martin
Topics: Traveling, food
Where He Writes: Indie Travel Guides, Travel Talks

8. Dina Santorelli
Topics: Health, parenting, business, lifestyle, entertainment
Where She Writes: Work Home You

9. JR Moreau
Topics: Sustainability, marketing, business

10. Scott Cheatham
Topics: Technology, spirituality, baseball

11. Sheila Scarborough
Topics: Travel, motorsports, social media
Where She Writes: Family Travel Logue, FastMachines.com

12. Missy Frye
Topics: Film
Where She Writes: Reel Gazer

13. Nick Daws
Topics: Writing, business, careers
Where He Writes: Nick Daws’ Writing Blog

14. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen
Topics: Health, psychology, pregnancy
Where She Writes: Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility, Quips and Tips for Freelance Writers

15. Alisa Bowman
Topics: Health, dieting, relationships, parenting, fitness
Where She Writes: Project Happily Ever After

16. Jaclyn Schiff
Topics: Gen Y, women’s issues, health
Where She Writes: The Schiff Report

17. Dawn Allcot
Topics: Technology, paintball, music education, health fitness
Where She Writes: Anything That Pays, AGI Professional

18. Christine Cavalier
Topics: Psychology, technology, social media
Where She Writes: Push My Follow

19. Nisha Chittal
Topics: Politics, technology
Where She Writes: CitizenJanePolitics

20. Ron Meyer
Topics: Motorsports
Where He Writes: Three Wide Media

21. George Angus
Topics: Transportation, emergency medical services
Where He Writes: Alaska Transportation Examiner, Medical and Nursing Training Blog

22. Jay Hathaway
Topics: Pop culture, technology, social media, graphic design
Where He Writes: Dowloand Squad

23. Thord Daniel Hedengren
Topics: Blogging, graphic design, gaming
Where He Writes: The Blog Herald, Living Hyboria

24. Chris Johnson
Topics: Real estate, small business
Where He Writes: New Market Survival Guide, BloodhoundBlog.com, Lenderama

25. Melanie McMinn
Topics: Travel
Where She Writes: Intrepid 101

26. Samar Owais
Topics: Writing

27. John Roach
Topics: Writing
Where He Writes: Pro Writing Tips

28. Rachel Rose
Topics: Health, relationships, entertainment, business
Where She Writes: Notes on a Whim

29. Natalia Real
Topics: Fitness, education
Where She Writes: Coggno

30. Susan Pogorzelski
Topics: Careers

31. Melissa Donovan
Topics: Business
Where She Writes: Writing Forward

32. Debbi Mack
Topics: Business
Where She Writes: Writing for Hire

33. Matthew C. Keegan
Topics: Writing, cars, advocacy, aviation
Where He Writes: Auto Trends, WordJourney

34. Luke McKinney
Topics: Gaming, food, humor
Where He Writes: Cracked.com, Food Connect

35. Michelle Rafter
Topics: Business, technology, media
Where She Writes: Workforce Management, Oregon Business

36. Michelle Thompson
Topics: Scrapbooking, writing
Where She Writes: Scrapability, Juiced on Ebooks

37. Martha Cooney
Topics: Travel, family, community
Where She Writes: Packed Magazine, Black Power

38. Kristen King
Topics: Pets, health, business, women’s issues
Where She Writes: meow/bark/blog, Sass Pants

39. Kristen Fischer
Topics: Media, health, writing
Where She Writes: Creatively Self-Employed

40. Cody McKibben
Topics: Travel, careers, music, social media, graphic design
Where He Writes: ThrillingDesign.com

41. Michael Kwan
Topics: Technology, gaming, social media, online tools, and personal development
Where He Writes: LoveToKnow Video Games, Beyond the Rhetoric, John Chow, Mobile Magazine, Futurelooks

42. Christa Miller
Topics: Public safety, parenting
Where She Writes: Officer.com

43. Christine Gilbert
Topics: Travel
Where She Writes: Europe String

44. Anne Wayman
Topics: Writing, business
Where She Writes: About Freelance Writing

45. Kristin Gorski
Topics: Technology, culture, politics
Where She Writes: The Huffington Post – Off The Bus

46. Tina McAllister
Topics: Real estate, finance

47. Dorie Morgan
Topics: Career, personal development

48. Jen Nipps
Topics: Creativity, fashion, plus-size issues, general-interest articles
Where She Writes: eHow, Bukisa, Writing For Dollars, Refilling the Well

49. Amy Derby
Topics: Law
Where She Writes: Law Firm Blogger

50. Thursday Bram
Topics: Productivity, personal finance, food
Where She Writes: Stepcase Lifehack, CNET Reviews – Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets

Image credit: MiquelMunill / iStockphoto


Post updates:
- January 25, 2009 at 7:00 PM ET: Made updates to Jen Nipps’ and Michael Kwan’s information.
- February 3, 2009 at 6:00 PM ET: Made updates to Tina McAllister’s information.
- February 8, 2009 at 11:30 PM ET: Made updates to Dawn Allcot’s information.