As you work on your first startup, you’ll have questions. Working with a startup consultant can be a fast and effective way to get answers: a consultant can provide concrete guidance on methods to reduce the costs of creating a new business whole, finding capital, developing a business plan, and more. A good startup consultant has worked with several new businesses — ideally, he’s even started a few companies of his own — and can recognize potential problems far in advance. While a startup may not be sure that a consultant is worth the price tag, many consultants can find ways to save on other startup costs. Not every startup need’s a consultant’s help, of course — but if you find yourself struggling with the business aspect of your startup, a consultant can smooth your path.

  1. McStartup
    Services Offered: One-on-one consultation.
    Experience: Jeff Ready, the consultant behind McStartup, founded four companies and an industry-trade group before he turned 29. He regularly advises startups and sits on the boards on a number of technology companies.
  2. Haywood Consulting Group
    Services Offered: Business plan development, financial modeling, partner coordination, board support.
    Experience: Charles Haywood, the principal of the Haywood Consulting Group, founded Mansfield-King and Red Robot, along with three other businesses.
  3. E-Business Startup Consultant
    Services Offered: Online business development.
    Experience: Yeon Hong, the E-Business Startup Consultant, has founded several businesses, including an award-winning design firm.
  4. Casey Software
    Services Offered: One-on-one consultation, infrastructure.
    Experience: Keith Casey has launched several startups of his own, as well as consulting on many more.
  5. Venture Archetypes
    Services Offered: Venture strategy, business plan development, partner coordination, board development.
    Experience: Venture Archetype has an extensive client list, and has worked with startups from the U.S, India, China, Latin America, and other countries.
  6. StartUP Consultants
    Services Offered: Business development, financial planning.
    Experience: StartUP Consultants maintains a confidential client list.
  7. HJ Ventures
    Services Offered: Business plan development, venture strategy, market research.
    Experience: HJ Ventures has had successes helping clients find venture capital from a number of different investors, including angel investors.
  8. Smart Entrepreneur
    Services Offered: Partner coordination, management consulting.
    Experience: Akhil Shahani, the principal of Smart Entrepreneur, is a serial entrepreneur with four startups of his own.
  9. Alkamae
    Services Offered: Startup consulting for women, business plan development, branding.
    Experience: Dr. Susan L. Reid, the woman behind Alkamae, has a long list of past clients — and enthusiastic testimonials from all of them.
  10. Super Startup Solutons
    Services Offered: Management consulting, business development.
    Experience: Super Startup Solutions’ principals have over two decades of experience working with both big businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

Image credit: fstop123 / iStockphoto