webOS apps for Palm Pre smartphones

You may have heard the recent news about HP deciding to call it quits with its webOS business. It’s a sad day in the world of smartphones and tablets, but that doesn’t mean that all the Palm Pre and HP TouchPad owners in the audience are out of luck. Indeed, there are still plenty of great webOS apps out there for these terrific devices.

Granted, the HP App Catalog for webOS is nowhere near as large as Apple’s App Store or Google’s Android Market, but there are usually equivalent apps available that will suit your needs. Want to check up on your social network or play some games? The Palm Pre, Palm Pre 2, Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus, and other related devices can do that and do that quite well.

Bad Kitty

When it comes to webOS apps for Twitter, Bad Kitty is likely the best option available. The interface is kept very clean, and this app can be used to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Everything is neatly organized into columns, and Bad Kitty can tap into any “lists” that you have created on Twitter too. At $1.99, it’s a worthy investment for the social media enthusiast.

Palm Mobile Hotspot

You’ve got a data plan on your smartphone, so why buy a separate plan for your tablet or notebook? Just share that wireless data using this free app for webOS Palm devices. It’s really simple to use, quickly converting your Palm Pre Plus or other webOS device into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. This free app even supports WPA/WPA2 password protection.


Evernote has quickly become one of the most popular cross-platform solutions for staying on top of your life. It’s incredibly popular on iPhone and Android, so it makes sense that a Palm Pre app was also created with much of the same functionality. All your notes are synchronized to the cloud, making for a seamless user experience.


Apps need to be useful, and weather apps help you prepare for your day. AccuWeather is a robust (and free) app for webOS that shows current conditions, a multi-day forecast, radar information, and more. It even handles multiple locations, in case you’re planning to travel.


Now, let me preface this by saying that we don’t condone the use of pirated ROMs and illegal downloads. If you do have some (legally acquired) Super Nintendo ROMs, though, you’ll want the free SuperNES app for webOS. With multiple control schemes and great ROM support, this is one powerful emulator.


(Image source: michaelkwan.com)

Supersonic Free

Continuing with the gaming theme, this free webOS Palm game makes use of the accelerometer (“tilt sensor”) built into your smartphone. Zoom along a 3D tunnel, twisting and turning your phone at faster and faster speeds, collecting gems to earn the highest score.

What’s for Dinner? Lite — Cookbook

Cooking doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t need to clutter your kitchen with bulky cookbooks scattered across your counter. This app searches multiple popular recipe websites and comes up with some really tasty meals. It’ll even build an ingredient shopping list for you. This is the free version of the app, though a $4.99 premium version offers additional features.


The YouTube app does what you think it does, but this webOS 2.0 app goes further. A regular alarm clock can be pretty boring, so why not wake up to a YouTube video instead? That’s exactly what this free app does, so whether you like music videos or a daily dose of epic fail, you’ve got it here.

NHL Scores

Hockey season isn’t quite underway just yet. but you’ll want to include this gem among your Palm Pre apps when the puck does drop. This lightweight application shows all the current scores, and tapping on an individual game shows scoring summaries and other info. This is a free download and there are similar apps for other sports too.


In terms of Palm Pre applications, this might actually be one of the most useful. With Convert, you gain access to all sorts of different conversion formulas, including weight, length, area, angle, energy, speed, time, and more. And yes, it’s a free download too.

Image credit: michaelkwan.com